Are we superheroes? Nope.

Saints? Hah!  Nope.

We do have the power to make responsible choices though.

While there is always going to be room for improvement, we decided it’s better to crack on and do what we can today.

Here’s what we’ve been doing so far;

  • Producing preservative-free not-too-sweet groceries from all real food ingredients.
  • Used fresh and local and unadulterated ingredients above all.
  • Using certified Fair Trade and organic ingredients wherever possible.
  • Confirming all our products are gluten-free, dairy-free & sulphite-free.
  • Putting our products in re-usable & recyclable packaging.
  • Using compostable tasting cups & disposables for all our tastings & markets & events.
  • Sorting our rubbish into the recycling bins provided at all the places we work at.
  • Being active members of the Sustainable Business Network.
  • Sharing what we’ve learned with our fellow NZ food and beverage start-ups.
  • Paying above the living wage.
  • Working flexible family-friendly hours.
  • We’ve run our Hakanoa stand at several community markets around Auckland most weekends from 2010 to 2016. We can still be found on special occasions at the Parnell Trust Farmers Market and the Grey Lynn Farmers Market – both not-for-profit markets run by the community for the community. Rebekah is serving her sixth year as a volunteer on the Grey Lynn Farmers Market committee. 
  • Donating Hakanoa products to various schools and youth groups in Auckland and around NZ every single year. If you are doing anything to help improve the lives of children in NZ and the Pasifika region, we might even be able to donate a bit of product for your fundraiser – get in touch.
  • We’ve established a direct trade link with the Ginger Farmers Association of Navurevure in Fiji, and since 2019 have been buying all our fresh ginger direct from this collective.

Powered by the people!

Rebekah & Roger in Hakanoa St, Grey Lynn, Auckland.