This is the most divine combination – intense fruit & velvety cream are always a winner together and this version just happens to be vegan too.

4 cups apricots – halved & de-stoned

4 tbsp’s Hakanoa Ginger Syrup

Toss these together in a ceramic or glass baking dish, pop them in the oven uncovered at 175c for about 40 minutes. The fruit should have developed some dark edges and be soft to the touch.

Spoon the hot fruit into the serving bowls, leaving a handful of halves in the dish. Squash the last fruits with a wooden spoon or rubber spatula and stir them around the baking dish. You are aiming to scrape any caramelised fruit juices you can find into those last squashed apricots – those flavours are sublime. Share the puree amongst the dishes, then leave until you are ready to serve. These are good hot or warm or cold.

To make the Macadamia Cream is embarrassingly easy. I start with a jar of Forty Thieves Salted Macadamia Butter with Maple & Vanilla. I blend the butter with cold water – about 1.5 parts water to butter – and emulsifies into a cream really easily. That’s it. It is rich and velvety and superb with the tart fruit.

You can also make this cream with other nut butters – just add a touch of vanilla and a little extra sweetness. Last night I used Hazelnut Butter with a spot of agave syrup & vanilla paste – scrumptious!