This is truly lemonade the way I make it on my kitchen bench; 1 big juicy Meyer lemon, half a small lime, 2 spoonfuls of sugar.  I dissolve the sugar in the freshly squeezed juice, twist the peel from the lemon into the glass, add ice and water to taste.

Our Handmade Lemonade syrup contain 60% Meyer lemon juice, 34% organic fairly-traded raw cane sugar, 4% lime juice, and 2% organic lemon zest. Nothing else.

Lovely with both still and fizzy water, served ice cold.


  • Meyer Lemon Juice 60%
  • Organic Fairtrade Raw Sugar 34%
  • Lime Juice 4%
  • Organic Lemon Zest 2%

How is it made?

We love lemonade.

But in our experience, it’s incredibly rare to be served one that just tastes of fresh lemons.

There’s always a bit of a tang from the ever-present citric or ascorbic or tartaric acid used in every commercial lemonade ever made, and most of the recipes in your Granny’s cookbooks too.

Those food acids are, to be fair, a very cost-effective way to add a kind of citrus tang and extend shelf life. Acidity regulators are in pretty much every packaged food you can buy.

Most of the cordials and soda syrups on the market contain between 70% and 90% sugar. Those sugar levels and added acidity regulators are what we’ve all got used to.

But that is not the kind of lemonade we love.  We like it fresh and fruity and not overly sweet.  So we made some.

We figured there’s a lot of naturally occurring citrus acid and ascorbic acid in the fresh fruit, providing we use enough of it and don’t dilute it with water. So our fresh juice is 64% of the mixture and we don’t add any water at all.

And we also figured if we don’t add those powdered acidity regulators, we don’t need to off-set those acidic flavours with a whole heap of sugar.  So we used about half of the average – our syrup is 34% sugar, not 70%.

All it needed after that was little bit more lemon taste, so we added 2% organic lemon zest.  That’s it. We didn’t add a single other thing.

Pop about 1 centimetre’s depth of Handmade Lemonade syrup in a glass, add ice and water – sparkling or still to suit your mood – and stir well.

This is the lemonade we love. Hope you agree.

  • 30mls Handmade Lemonade + 220mls water is our recommended ratio
  • 16 servings in 1 x 500ml bottle of Handmade Lemonade
  • Still OR Sparkling Water
  • 1 to 7 dilution ration, makes 4 litres in total – or a couple of centimetres added to your standard 750ml soda bottle 🙂