Most of the barista’s we know feel a bit pained when they are asked to make a flavoured latte.

Why? Because most of the baristas we know go to a lot of trouble to make really good coffee.

Fair-trade. Organic. Full of great carefully-extracted flavour.

So we made our barista’s the three classic Cafe Syrups using the same criteria.


  • Filtered Water
  • Organic Fair trade Raw Sugar
  • Organic Caramelised Sugar
  • Natural flavours
  • Sea salt

How are they made?

We use organic fair trade raw cane sugar, a touch of organic caramelised sugar, a dash of sea salt, and 100% natural flavours.

Our Vanilla Syrup is French-style with a little hum of caramel in the background to enrich the pure vanilla bean notes.

Hakanoa Caramel Syrup has a little touch of sea salt to bring depth and savour.

Hazelnut Syrup is gorgeously nutty and toasty, made using NZ hazelnuts distilled in Nelson.

All of these all not just terrifically yummy in a flavoured coffee, they can also be used to pour over pancakes or icecream, or used in baking, cocktail-making and general celebrating!

Everything we make is certified preservative-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free.

Uses and Recipes

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